• Check out what’s fresh at the CCFM
    Check out what’s fresh at the CCFM
  • Kid Chef Eliana visits the CCFM
    Kid Chef Eliana visits the CCFM
  • Sunny day at the CCFM
    Sunny day at the CCFM
  • Smiles are free at the CCFM
    Smiles are free at the CCFM
  • Find some buds at the CCFM
    Find some buds at the CCFM


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Need a gift that’s a joy to open? Look no further than CCFM market tokens! | December 4, 2023

Fresh & Local:

Need a gift that’s a joy to open?
Look no further than CCFM market tokens!

Give the gift of Crescent City Farmers Market this holiday season! Stop by any CCFM Welcome Tent and get a Token Gift Bag to share your love of fresh food with loved ones! Tokens in a gift bag can be used to buy any and all market goods, including items in the CCFM Holiday Gift Guide! Token gift bags are the perfect stocking stuffer, teacher appreciation gift, or gift exchange item. Token gift bags are available for purchase at any market location.

At the Welcome Tent, shoppers can exchange funds from credit cards or debit cards for tokens. All CCFM vendors accept gift bag tokens, and they are treated as cash at the market. Tokens never expire and can be used year-round, just like our markets! Click here to learn more information about using tokens with CCFM’s nutrition incentive programs.

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pick of the week

Picks of the Week:

Greenway Supernova

Join us this Thursday, December 7th for our Supernova Market! Supernova is Friends of Lafitte Greenway’s three-night event that features art installations, local food, talented musicians, and goods from local artists! This three-day event kicks off with the Thursday Mid-City market at the Lafitte Greenway Plaza, 500 N. Norman C. Supernova. Market will begin as per usual at 3pm and run through the entirety of Supernova, which runs from 5 pm to 9pm. Come out to support the CCFM community and Friends of the Lafitte Greenway this Thursday – we hope to see you there!

Greaux the Good is Good for Farmers, Good for Families, and Good for Louisiana!

Greaux the Good was recently featured in The Advocate, highlighting how the program benefits Louisiana farmers, families, and local communities. This article was released initially in print in the Greater Baton Rouge area that included interviews from a vendor with the Red Stick Farmers Market, operated by Big River Economic and Agricultural Alliance (BREADA), a vendor and market administrator with the St. Helena Farmers Market, and the Executive Director of the Hammond Downtown Development District (DDD) operator of the Hammond Farmers and Artisans Market.

The article also includes data published in the program’s Year 1 Report. Since the program launched in November 2022, Greaux the Good has proven that it is good for farmers and families but also good for Louisiana! To view Greaux the Good’s full Year 1 Program Report, visit here.

If you have received Market Match or FMNP Match at our markets, you have reaped the benefits of Greaux the Good! Take the Greaux the Good customer survey to share your feedback and how this program has impacted you.

pick of the week

pick of the week

Remember to Observe the Parking Regulations

As you prepare to come out to Crescent City Farmers Market to celebrate Greenway Supernova, make sure you are familiar with the parking rules! We want to create a safe and seamless experience for market participants and residents of the surrounding neighborhoods! When parking at market, please pay attention to nearby street signs for listed parking restrictions at each market. For our Sunday City Park Market, there is no parking on Marconi Drive in areas with diagonal white parking lines or on the neutral ground (park there and you might find yourself with a ticket). At our Thursday Mid-City Market, this includes no parking on the uptown side of Lafitte Avenue; parking here may result in tows! Finally, at our Tuesday Uptown Market, customers may enter the Tulane parking lot from Broadway or Leake Ave. When parking at any market, please pay attention to any nearby street signs so that we may all continue to enjoy all market locations.

Thank You for Coming Together on Giving Tuesday!

A special THANK YOU to everyone who made a donation to Market Umbrella for Giving Tuesday! We rely on support from generous donors like YOU to bring our markets and programs to the New Orleans community.

Haven’t donated yet but want to support Market Umbrella?

Join in the giving and sharing spirit by making a donation to Market Umbrella and the Crescent City Farmers Market today! Visit our website or text CCFM to 44-321 to make your gift now! You can choose the option to make a monthly, recurring donation to support this work all year long!

pick of the week

vendor of the week

Vendor of the Week:

Joe Fekete Family Farm

This time of year, Joe Fekete Family Farm’s table is full of beets, kale, mustard greens, turnips, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant, and heirloom tomatoes. Joe and his wife Margaret run the Fekete Family Farm outside of Amite, Louisiana with the help of their kids, Jessica, Amanda, Sarah, and Nathan. Joe and his family feel thankful to be stewards of the land and to share the bounty with their valued CCFM customers! Read the Greaux the Good article mentioned in Pick 2 for a quote from Margaret. “People say that when they buy at a farmers market, the food doesn’t taste the same as what they buy in the store. More people are realizing that locally grown products are better,” she said. “I think people are more aware of where their food comes from and are gravitating more towards things that are produced locally.” Find Joe Fekete Family Farm each week at our Tuesday Uptown market.

Recipe of the Week:

Brazilian-Style Collard Greens
or Couve a Mineira

Collard greens are overtopping the tables at market this time of year, and shoppers leave with armloads to prepare in their own special recipe. Looking for a new way to devour a fan-favorite? Try these Brazilian-Style Collard Greens from Brazilian Kitchen Abroad. This recipe is simple to prepare but packs a flavorful punch with crisp bacon and garlicky greens. Many vendors offer collards including the Monica’s, the Isabel’s, Perilloux farms, and Fekete family farms. Bring home the bacon from Black Creek Farm, T&R Dairy, Pearl River Pastures, or White Sand Homestead. Star Nursery has garlic to tie the whole recipe together. One bunch of collards serves two, so double or triple the recipe with ease.

recipe of the week


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