• Check out what’s fresh at the CCFM
    Check out what’s fresh at the CCFM
  • Kid Chef Eliana visits the CCFM
    Kid Chef Eliana visits the CCFM
  • Sunny day at the CCFM
    Sunny day at the CCFM
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    Smiles are free at the CCFM
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    Find some buds at the CCFM


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Eat Like a Local | May 31, 2021

Fresh & Local:

Eat Like a Local

If you’re an avid reader of this newsletter, or a regular market shopper, not only are you probably familiar with the annual Eat Local Challenge, but eating local is to some extent already a part of your life. Whether you make your groceries local because you like high quality produce in varieties you can’t find in conventional grocery stores, because you want to support small farmers and the local economy, because you want to make an effort to cut down on the carbon footprint of your food or the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, because you value humane and hormone-free animal husbandry, or for the myriad of other reasons we choose local, the entire month of June is a month to reflect on and learn about where our food comes from, and challenge ourselves to eat only what is grown, caught, raised or foraged within 200 miles.

Here is how you can eat like a local at the Crescent City Farmers Market

  • Sunday City Park Market
    Navarre Ave at Marconi Dr
    • 8am to 9:45 am - drive-thru
    • 10am to noon - walk up sales
  • Tuesday Uptown Market
    200 Broadway at the River
    • 8am to noon
  • Thursday Mid-City Market
    500 N Norman C Francis at the Lafitte Greenway Plaza
    • 3pm to 7pm
  • CCFM and Market Mommas Club Box
    In partnership with Top Box Foods
    • Pre-order Tuesdays at 9am through Fridays at 5pm
    • Home delivery on Tuesdays

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Picks of the Week:

Join our team!

Join the Market Umbrella team and help us build a stronger food system and healthier community! We are looking for individuals that are berry passionate about food access, nutrition education, and small business development for local food producers. Applications are currently being accepted for the following positions:

pick of the week

pick of the week

Summer Vibes

While summer does not officially start for a few more weeks, we are getting some summer vibes from the market these days. Tables are overflowing with yellow, green, and golden squash, bright and bulbous eggplant, spicy (and sweet) peppers, and all the creole tomatoes you could ever want. We are happy to finally catch a break from the root veggies in exchange for tender first of the season cucumbers, summer squash, and fresh onions. And while we can never get enough Ponchatoula strawberries, we are ready to welcome blueberries, melons, peaches, and plums. Yay summer!

Eating Local is a SNAP

Now extended through September 2021, Market Umbrella will continue offering unlimited dollar-for-dollar Market Match on SNAP dollars spent at market to purchase additional fresh fruits and vegetables. Thanks to a $500,000 USDA Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program (GusNIP) award, Market Umbrella has expanded Market Match beyond all CCFM market locations to also be available at:

pick of the week

vendor of the week

Vendor of the Week:

J&D Blueberry Farm

Jeff and Don of J&D Blueberry Farm have been in the blueb business since 2004, today caring for 25 acres of the good stuff. Located in Poplarville, Mississippi, these seasonal growers have been stocking our fridge shelves year after year, everyone waiting in anticipation each spring for their return to markets. The acidic soil in southern ‘Ssippi is perfect for the blueberry bushes--and surprisingly, tea! The pair expanded into growing Camellia sinensis plants, starting the operation in 2006 and finally launching their tea products in 2017. Market shoppers might remember when they offered free samples during their testing phase. Today, J&D offer a variety of jams and jellies, teas and cold drinks, as well as their blueberries and other crops like tomatoes, corn, melons, and plant starts.

recipe of the week

Recipes of the Week:

Blueberry Buckle Breakfast Cake

Cake for breakfast? It’s always a yes. A blueberry buckle is a great accompaniment to morning coffee with its sweet textured topping and bites of plump berries. Making the cake the night before is an easy way to be prepped for the next day, as the cake must bake for about 45 minutes. Blueberries are now available at all CCFM markets, and you can get milk and butter from T&R Dairy and sub out pecans from the Indian Springs Farmers Association for the walnuts. If blueberries aren’t your thing, you can always swap out the fruit with other berry substitutions. This recipe also comes with a helpful video guide and a few troubleshooting tips to ensure that your cake is perfectly crumbly once out of the oven.

What’s your favorite dish to make after visiting the Crescent City Farmers Market? Share your recipes with us on Instagram or Facebook or even Twitter and it might be featured in our weekly newsletter!


Market Match Limit Lifted!

Unlimited Market Match, Market Umbrella's SNAP incentive program, extended through September 30, 2021!

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